The Raven Sister

Creo parte de mi amor a la vida, se lo debo a mi amor a los libros - Adolfo Blay

I shouldn't be writing in english, because I'm mexican and I live here, in Mexico, but I couldn't be able to say something about me doing it in spanish, so...
I'm a teenager who will prefers to be an adult instead of a kid trying to stop listen the silly comments of the people around me and take a step forward, like, IDK, be who I am, and show people what I can do instead of just be afraid of what the people going to think about it.

I love to read, and my favorite genre is YA, but whatever romantic book is a possible favorite for me. I don't read terror books because they scared me in a whole different level, so if I want to be able to see myself in a mirror, or just sleep at nights I have to stay away from Bram Stroker and Stephen King and everything like that.
I also love to write, and I hope to be a YA author someday soon (I have like a chip on my shoulder about my age, so I want to be young at the moment of publish my first book, if it gets to happend).
I love all kinds of music (excerp reggaeton and the music called "banda") but I'm also afraid of music groups like Judas Priest, Slipknot, and whatever that looks like... diabolic. Sorry, that's just me being afraisd of everything.
And finally, instead of what people say, I really like the new Coldplay album.