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An All

I deliver everything you know, but
I am not what you think I am.
Long ago this battle was won;
Long ago I govern over you.
All of you

I am the one that gives you hope
And love and safety
Bu I am the one that breaks your heart
I'm the one who brings misery
You can't see me but I am fear and danger

You love me
and you love me not
I give you everything you know
And I take everything I want
Don't call me evil because I am an all.

Do not even try to see me
Do not pray to me
Do not give me any sacrifice
For there is nothing that it's in your control
I am the one who choose,
The one who rules.


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Feb. 14th, 2013 04:46 pm (UTC)
Your structure and the rhythmic repetition help give this a feeling of the absolute that your words convey. I really like this, and when I think of all the questioning people do of their god or higher being, always looking for purpose, trying to reason how pain goes with joy, this answers it all.

(On another note, every time I see ads for that new zombie movie, I think of your story! You had the sense that a zombie could possibly become human, or at least that's what it seemed the girl wished for, though it didn't happen. But it felt like the love might do it!)

(On another note again, I just read about your scholarship! It was a while ago, but I didn't remember getting that note. I am thrilled! You're such a good writer and I wish you the best. If you have time one day, let me know how it's all going!)
Feb. 19th, 2013 02:56 am (UTC)
Thanks you so much!! As always I love reading your comments, I mean, you're the only human being who awknowledge my talent, haha, I don't know what happens with the rest but apparently they can't see it!

I really like this idea of a being who it's everything, it's a god, but it's evil -though not quite- sometimes I'll like to be more graphical and have this sort of motion picture for the things I want to read, sometimes I don't think I get all I want the right way, but I'm very glad you liked it, that makes me feel like I mailed it! :D LOL

And thank you so much for what you say about my zombie story, it's really nice to hear, for strangest as if may seem, the book from which it's adaptaded it's pretty good... yeah, a lot of odd things, but it really has some beautiful and dramatical - not at all over the top - insights, and that's what I like about the book.

Yes, maybe it seems stupid - the movie in here it's called "my boyfriend is a zombie... dahh, that's all wrong because the protagonist it's the zombie, not the girl - but it is actually smart.

Some will argue that I have bad taste, haha.

Feb. 21st, 2013 06:36 pm (UTC)
Haha, I love your perspective on things. You always make me laugh and smile.

One day others will read you and recognize your talent too! People tend to scoff at artistic dreams and goals, not realizing that the movies they watch and books they read all came from regular people who love to write and were probably told they couldn't. Just keep doing it!

I'm glad to hear the book was good. My daughter loved the movie (I haven't seen it yet), and wants to read the book. Interesting that you noticed that about the title--it does sound like it's HIS story. And since you do write very visually, who knows if one day you'll have a book made into a movie. It's nice to imagine. Good luck with your work.

And I'm always open to contact if you need help with translation (if you want to submit a story or poem somewhere!). I enjoy reading your work. :)

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